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Recycling and Document Shredding in Gainesville

Old flat television

Are you looking for a secure way to destroy sensitive information like customer contracts, business records, and bills? Do you want to recycle metal, plastic, or paper? Look no further than Gone4Ever Recycling. We are a leading provider of recycling and document shredding services throughout the Gainesville area. Our name is one you can trust.

We currently fulfill the recycling needs of dozens of local businesses and are always looking to expand to new business partnerships. We also offer recycling services and document shredding for individuals. We accept all forms of recyclable materials including paper, plastic, aluminum, electronics, cardboard, etc.

Committed To Solutions of Quality, Environmental Consciousness, Health and Safety.
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Benefits of Recycling

There are many benefits to recycling. Here a just a few of our favorites:

  • Helps to conserve natural resources such as water, trees, and minerals
  • Lessens the amount of waste that is sent to the landfills
  • Cuts back on pollution to the environment
  • Reduces the need to use new raw materials
  • Decreases the amount of dangerous greenhouse gas emissions
  • Saves energy


We can securely dispose of your old smartphones or computers so your sensitive information is completely destroyed. Some electronic products contain hazardous materials that can harm human health and the environment if they are not disposed of safely. We’ll ensure that electronics are recycled in the proper way to prevent this. We are here to answer your questions if you need more information on our eWaste recycling services.

Don’t wait. Contact us to learn more about our waste management services in Gainesville!